We would like to say thank you to all the volunteers, art teachers and sponsors for making this art show possible. Without the many hours of help and the generous donations from friends, family and businesses this dream would have never become a reality. We would especially like to recognize Walt  Wanagel and Marge Smith who gave up many of their nights and weekends to help prepare the barn and land for the show. 
Brenda Anderson
Lynda Barrows

Pat Browne
Bridget Deemer

Wally DeSousa & her mom
Linda Duckstein
Marty & Anita Eigen
Yetta Eigen
Dan Fergeson

Friddo & Fran Gianfriddo
Jenn Fritschi
Susan Peppenhorst

Mark & Marla Hauslaib
Dave Hite
Bob & Pam Horrocks
Sara Lishinsky
Emil & Dorinda Lundin
Joan Muller
Ellen & Conrad Peters
Ron Pessolano
Leslie Ricklin
Jean Rotter
Lydia Rudolph
Becky Savage
Jennifer Sidney
Marge Smith
Steve & Cathy Smith
Anne Sicilian
Sue & John Thomas
Mili Tryba
Louise Shultz
Ann Williams
Mark & Ronnie Zoback

Jenn and Susan welcome guests 

Conrad and Mark find a new 
talent as parking attendants
Click here to see volunteers planning to help for the 2002 show

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