vol02.jpg (51939 bytes)
Making sure 
everyone is well fed

insidebarn02.jpg (15648 bytes)
Student artwork in the barn is always popular

artists02jewelry.jpg (13451 bytes)
Jewelry with a smile

vol01Laurenboard.jpg (23661 bytes)
Lauren lists the day's schedule of events

demos02.jpg (8851 bytes)
relaxing and enjoying the entertainment

Artists in the Country volunteers

demos02harp.jpg (5673 bytes)
Scotland Consort played beautiful melodies

view02pond.jpg (48821 bytes)
scenic view of show from
 across the pond

vol02hanging.jpg (17027 bytes)
Walt does all the work while Ann and Marge tell him how

vendor02kettle.jpg (11911 bytes)
Kettle Corn was 
a big hit

artwork02quilt.jpg (11727 bytes)
Peace Quilt created by students from local schools

people02.jpg (11264 bytes)
Resting & Relaxing by the pond while listening to music

vol02before.jpg (10267 bytes)
faithful friends spend days helping get ready for the big day

view02pond2.jpg (7879 bytes)
Beautiful pond is a great 
place for relaxing

performance02flute.jpg (11169 bytes)
flute duet by Michelle
 and Jennifer

demos02clay.jpg (9608 bytes)
Jean Rotter gives a 
clay demonstration

demos02books.jpg (11596 bytes)
WonderLand Books 
sold books on art

view02barn.jpg (20262 bytes)
View of Art Show 
from a far

vol02AL.jpg (11468 bytes)
crew from Alabama 
(and Lauren) manage 
 the registration table

peopledog02.jpg (18866 bytes)
Pets are welcome!

peopleglasses02.jpg (15245 bytes)
Come as you are!

performance02sax.jpg (20261 bytes)
Marty, Ann's brother, 
serenades their mother


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