Review of 2005 Art Show and Sale from:
Sunshine Artist Magazine
by Crystal Englert, SA Editor
        This is a real art show" said a wood turner. Ann Chuk has not allowed the
show to evolve into a popcorn and bauble event: Sales ranged from $125.00 to $2,000 (from artists sending in the fast audit forms) but exhibitors were adamantly supportive, most giving high scores to sales. "This was be far the best show I have participated in.", maintained a maker of custom furniture. All auditors planned to return.

        My favorite show- beautiful location, fabulous people!" raved a woodcutter. Almost verbatim were comments from artisans with the high test and lowest sales totals, a furniture maker and pastel artist. While two watercolorists rated sales as mediocre, they gave high scores to
other categories. And a photographer, rated EVERYTHING a ten! A jeweler thought "the shoppers were buyers" but also explained why those with low sales may have appreciated the event. It was a "very well organized (with) nice little touches like nametags, a garbage bag, and a
coupon for coffee and bagels in our welcome packet- (and many volunteers to cover bathroom breaks!"
        In the end, this small town show was all about people. "The door prizes and silent auction, like the entry fee for artists and the admission fees, benefit a scholarship fund for sending autistic children to camp".. (This scholarship fund was set up by Ann Chuk, founder of this show), said a wood turner,. Food service benefited a non profit organization (Historical Society), and a special collection fun this year went to the Red Cross (Katrina Relief effort).


Review of 2004 Art Show and Sale from:
Sunshine Artist Magazine
by Cameron Meier, SA Editor

         Most exhibitors complain about low attendance at shows, but this year's W. Woodstock show had one visitor too many- Hurricane Ivan. Despite the unwelcome guest, all responding artists put a positive spin on this small but profitable show, saying they would return.
        "On the first day of the show, Ivan brought its rain and wind, so i did not go" said a photographer..., who rated his/her overall take an eight out of ten. "The next morning.. It was great. Customers came to this show to buy... This show is always well run, well organized (and) my most profitable and .. enjoyable show of the year."
        A ceramics artist, who rated his/her $1,000.00 sales a five, also downplayed Ivan's presence. "This show was unusual in that, for  an extremely poor weather weekend, and greatly diminished attendance, sales were reasonably good", he said. "People seem to want to support the show and the artists, possibly because it is a benefit for autism. The setting is the nicest you will find at any show, and the crowds linger all day. Music performances and (the) small size give the show a good spirit."
        A wood turner ($700.00) and an underwater photographer also gave the event high marks. The photographer rates sales an eight, quality of work a ten, and balance of mediums a nine, while the wood artists rated sales a seven, quality a seven, and balance an eight. Both artists gave organizational categories such as advertising, management and layout nines and tens.



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