We would like to say thank you to all of our wonderful old and new friends who continue to give us support for our ideas about this show. A special thank you to all the volunteers, art teachers and sponsors for making this 3rd art show possible. A special recognition goes to Walt, Marge, Eunice, Emil, Durinda, Dave, and Dan who continue to spend many many hours in preparing the land and barn for this show. And to my two wonderful daughters; Lauren who spends countless hours on the program guide and landscaping, and Michelle who continues to provide support before and after the show, and of course, my adopted daughter and very good friend, Jennifer for her amazing talents with web design. I love you guys!!

                            Food & friendly faces




the Levy's work the Raffle table

Also, we'd like to thank the following media personnel for the opportunity to publicize Artists in the Country:
  • Gary from WINY radio
  • Tracy Ducher and others from the Chronicle newspaper 
  • Wayne Norman 
    from WILI radio
  • Sherry Roy and John Murphy 
    from Charter Cable TV 

the Alabama crew & Lauren
working the registration table

Pam Abel
renda Anderson
Lynda Barrows
Pat Browne
Wally and Eddie deSousa
Joyce Dessick
Linda Duckstein
Marty and Anita Eigen
Yetta Eigen
Dan Ferguson
Arlene Feit
Jenn Fritschi
Paulette Gardner
Marla and Mark Hauslaib
Dave Hite
Pam Horrocks
Janice Ivan
Aaron Juarros
Rita Kornblum
Tannis Longmore
Emil and Dorinda Lundin
Brenda McCumber
Amy Mixon
Eunice Murphy
Anne Negron
Sue Orcott

Ellen and Con Peters
Susan Peppenhorst
Eileen Quinn
Karen Randolph
Leslie and Abby Ricklin
Jean Rotter
Lydia Rudolph
Becky Savage
Tina Shirschac
Jen Sidney
Anne Sicilian and Maria Matthies
Mili Tryba
Margie Smith and Walt Wanagel
Ann Williams
Ronnie and Emily Zoback

Ronnie volunteers every year with a smile

 Click here to see those we would like to thank from the 20012002

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